Solutions that protect and improve our oceans.

Whatever the scale of your fleet or your analytical needs, we can apply our technical expertise and years of experience working with governments, industry, and fishers to help turn your data into solutions.

Protected Areas

PDS can provide comprehensive monitoring and analysis of vessel usage, compliance and behaviors with respect to marine reserves and other restricted-use areas. To meet local compliances, we can customize the metrics and alerts for each individual zone of interest.

Fisheries management

Using our data classification expertise, we can help you to identify and measure the key elements required for robust fisheries management and smart business decisions.

Using our detailed spatial analysis, specific activity can be optimized and highlighted in areas where fishermen maximize their catch per unit of effort. This provides the first ever visual insights into the economics of each fishing location.

Supply Chain Insight

We provide full “ocean-to-consumer” traceability solutions that are completely interoperable with your existing supply chain tools. Additionally, we can provide the needed insights on how the product was treated at sea and verify the integrity of the cold-chain.

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