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Illuminating the human behaviors and activities affecting the health of our oceans.

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As awareness of the need for a more regenerative economy grows, Pelagic Data Systems (PDS) has emerged as the leader in a new sustainable industry.

Improving the livelihoods of small-hold fisherman and coastal communities, enhancing the enforcement of marine protected areas, and providing the critical insight of activities to maritime administrative zones.

PDS sets the global standard for small vessel tracking by bringing custom-made hardware, advanced data analytics, and systems expertise to fisheries world-wide. 

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Before PDS, the small vessel sector was not on the map.

Why it matters

While small-scale fishing boats account for 50% of the global seafood supply, they represent 95% of the total vessels at sea.

Historically, the on-sea activity of small fishing boats has been invisible making it difficult to regulate through standard automatic identiifcation systems. This has resulted in a massive gap in visibility of behaviors and activities at sea.

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Small fishing boats represent 95% of total vessels at sea.

how it works

To help solve this problem, PDS developed a small, solar-powered device that collects and saves 600 locations per hour regardless of position. Once in cell range, the device transmits an encrypted data burst to the closest tower. The data is saved in secure cloud storage, enabling us to then provide deep analytics to meet customer needs. 
Our customized dashboard is easily accessible on computers and mobile devices.

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Our device seamlessly track their activity.

Designed for accuracy.
Built for a life at sea.

  • Affordable and durable device
  • Solar powered
  • Fits vessels of any size
  • Reliable data

We set the global standard for vessel tracking.

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