How it works

Surfacing the information

By leveraging the ubiquity of cellular networks, collect vessel location data with unparalleled detail.

The Ultra-Light Vessel Tracking System (VTS)

The VTS is the heart of our data-collection platform, with every piece being designed from scratch to provide the most reliable data collection system ever built for the sea.

Better data. Actionable insights.

Our VTS devices were designed in conjunction with our cloud analytics platform. By efficiently collecting significantly more data than traditional tracking systems, PDS can identify patterns and behavior that were previously invisible.

Automatic network connection

The VTS automatically self-activates and connects to the PDS network when it is installed. Being solar powered and entirely self-contained, it requires no maintenance, and uploads world-wide automatically.

This allows our cloud-based analytics platform to reveal deeper understandings of vessel behavior than ever before.

Smart location data

Location information is logged on the VTS directly from GPS/GLONASS satellites, encrypted, and stored onboard the device, then securely transferred via cellular network once the device is in range. This means that unlike AIS, position data cannot be falsified.

The Pelagic Data Systems VTS cannot be turned off, setting it apart from other traditional tracking devices and the PDS unit has a number of anti-tamper features to help identify bad actors.

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