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Wall Street Journal
July 19, 2018

The fish industry is plagued by poor quality and fraud. one chef is working to combat it.

It’s not every day that a fishing boat packed with live halibut parks in the middle of a busy San Francisco street. But since chef Joshua Skenes, of three-Michelin-star restaurant Saison, began working with a local fisherman named Mike 18 months ago, it’s become a more common sight, with kitchen staff regularly maneuvering 50 pounds of live fish into the restaurant’s tanks....

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The Guardian
November 20, 2016

The latest weapon in the fight against illegal fishing? Artificial intelligence.

Facial recognition… is starting to be used in fighting a specific but pervasive type of crime – illegal fishing. Rather than picking out faces, the software tracks the movement of fishing boats to root out illegal behavior. And soon, using a twist on facial recognition, it may be able to recognize when a boat’s haul includes endangered and protected fish.

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