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Pelagic Data Systems was founded in 2014 in San Francisco, California to bring a technologists’ approach to the ocean management space.

By raising the global standard for vessel tracking, we provide solutions to a regenerative economy with custom-made technology and data analytics to 95% of the global fishing vessels currently lacking access to any data collection platform.

Dave Solomon


Dave is a lifelong inventor and entrepreneur with twenty years of experience developing and implementing technology-based solutions for complex problems. His groundbreaking work at Pelagic Data Systems (PDS) not only has achieved rapid, extremely low-cost results in frontier markets but it has also put breakthrough technology and data into the hands of small-scale fishers to enhance livelihoods, fostered locally-tailored approaches to sustainability, and provided the transparency required for administering protected marine environments and delineating fishing rights in settings with multiple, often competing, stakeholders.

Louise Hilsen

VP of Corporate Social Responsibility

Louise is a veteran legislative strategist, with over 25 years of experience in legislative advocacy and strategy, whose professional experiences range from senior positions on Capitol Hill and a presidential commission to working in partnership with governments & civil society to enhance accountability in agricultural supply chains. She brings deep understanding of the ESG challenges facing global food value chains as well as issues at the heart of ensuring fair and safe labor, enabling environmentally sustainable practices, and supporting the long-term health and resilience of local communities dependent on these supply chains.

Anna Andersen Rolsma

Director of Finance & Administration

Born and raised near the ocean, Anna has always had a passion for the water. After studying Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado, Anna pursued her passion for working with small businesses and start-ups, focusing on process development and streamlining for scaling. After five years in the design and production industry, she shifted her focus toward ensuring a more sustainable future through tech innovation. At Pelagic Data Systems, Anna works to ensure smooth logistics throughout the supply chain and utilizes creative problem-solving to facilitate an efficient and productive experience for both our internal team and our external partners and clients.

Daniel Suchomel

Director of Field Operations

Daniel focuses on product development and implementation within Pelagic Data Systems. He is inspired by seeing first-hand the impact of these technologies in the local communities. With a diverse background combining North American, Latin American, and European experience across several functional areas, Daniel is well-qualified to advise on both global strategy and local implementation. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering Degree, and is fluent in four languages.

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